Join the Meddiebempsters!


WHAT: Yourself, a song, and a joke


WHERE: We will meet you in the Moulton Union Lobby.

Sign up at the Smith Union Info Desk for a time slot!




The Meddiebempsters are a tight-knit group of guys who love to hang out and have a good time. We rehearse several hours a week and perform for a variety of events at Bowdoin and in the New England area throughout the year. Each spring, we go on tour to another part of the country or world, spending several days on the road. The Meddies have provided many of us with our most memorable experiences of college and we highly encourage you to audition.


First, we want you to do your best. Nothing would make us happier than to see you crush your audition! Please prepare one song that you enjoy singing and that shows off your range and tone. We sing a wide variety of music, so we would like to hear what you have to bring to the group. All auditions are performed a cappella, without accompaniment.

Second, we will take you through a series of scales and swells to test your range and tone. A large part of our repertoire is barbershop and occurs without a soloist, so blend and an open and resonant tone are very important. 

Third, it is important to note that the close knit nature of the Meddiebempster organization is built from the fall of your first year. It is much, much more difficult (although not impossible) to join the group as a sophomore as we prefer to keep our close-knit class years together. So unfortunately there is no kicking the can down the road on this one. Come audition! It’s a blast. Also, we’re serious about the joke. It shows us some of your personality, but in the end don’t fret over it too much.